How’s your relationship?

Relationships are funny things aren’t they? They can be the foundations for your well being, pick you up when you’re down or send you into what feels like a never ending free fall when they go wrong.

It seems that our relationships are supposed to validate us and make us feel that without one, we are destined to fail.

How does your relationship make you feel?

Does it make you feel fulfilled, satisfied or even worthy? And I don’t mean with your spouse, friends or family…

I mean the really important one; your relationship with you?

We seriously underestimate the importance of self love and how pertinent it is to our everyday being.

“You should go and love yourself”

Learning to love yourself can often be the most complicated relationship status we work on, but it’s the one that has the utmost influence on the rest of our lives, regardless of whether you have a partner.

“How much of your time do you spend on Negative Self Talk?”; a question posed to me only recently. “Would you say that to a 5yr old?!” Is the best way to establish what negative self talk is apparently. I have to admit, I’m so guilty of this.

Funny really, I spend a lot of time with my ladies talking about confidence, self love and appreciation, yet I find it so difficult to listen to my own advice.

The age old story, hey? I suppose a lot of us are like that.

But alas, this blog is not a “woe is me” (that was the last one 😉) it’s one to discuss the difficulties everyone faces with self appreciation and giving yourself a break sometimes.

What do you want?

A large portion of the ladies I interact with on a weekly basis are guilty of the above too, whether they know it or not. “My legs are too big”… “I was much stronger this time last year”….”I’d kill for a bum like yours”

But we have to remember that focus and priorities shift, we can’t be an ideal all the time; and the saddest part is that sometimes the things we don’t like about ourselves are often the things that others envy about you.



Everyone has lapses, everyone feels demotivated when training plans or your diet doesn’t go quite as you had planned, but we can’t let that eat away at us until it becomes a huge issue.

Have a goal? Go out and achieve it. What’s stopping you? “If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen”; many people don’t like this quote, but I actually find it pretty apt and use it as motivation…


Beautiful words from a beautiful lady on her holiday this year….

For example, I have switched up some of my training to include Street Workouts; I’m learning how to do Pullovers, Muscle Ups, Russian Dips and (proper) Handstands to name a few and I love it…but MY GOD is it hard work!!

But I think I needed it, I needed another challenge (yes another one) to keep me focused. Keep me working hard. Keep me going following the mystery of my ever pain ridden back.

This is what has led me to write this post today – I am entering a training realm that I am totally new to – I’m back to me 6 years ago when I had no clue how to train or what to expect from a gym. I’ve gone from my 44-bodyweight-deadlifts-in-60-seconds self to “OMG WHY CAN”T I DO THIS” and it’s frustrating. SO frustrating.

“Well, are you going to quit because it’s hard?”

James said this to me when I expressed my frustrations at being at the bottom of my game. “Of course not!” I was quick to respond…

Wouldn’t it be great if you responded in the same way when you are facing self doubt and not working on your you relationship?! Wouldn’t it be great to not want to quit something because it “got hard”?


Go and do it then!!



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