My Monthly Pick-Me-Up

You know what? Sometimes, being female sucks. Aside from the pressure to look, eat, train, breathe and sleep a certain way, we have the added joy of fluctuating hormones, painful cramping and monthly inconveniences to deal with.

You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a post all about periods, not directly anyway..! Instead it’s something a little different this week; a review post!

I see how that might have sounded;  but this won’t be a run down of my monthly cycle. (I’m all for being open and honest, but somethings you need not know..!) 

Instead, I thought I’d share my experience of a subscription box I signed up to last summer; Pink Parcel. Each month, the lovely ladies send you a goodie box; inside you’re presented with all of the treats you could need to give you that little boost at the time of the month.

When you initially sign up, you state which products you prefer as per the screen shot below so your box is completely tailored to you and your needs!


Not only are you provided enough products to see you through your cycle, including a handy, discreet bag to pop in your handbag / gym bag / desk drawer, you get a box of treats, too!

Every box includes a tea or coffee blend, something sweet to satisfy those cravings and beauty products or accessories.

I’m not talking about a PG Tips bag alongside a Mars Bar and a sample sachet from the beauty counter. Take a look below at just some of the treats I have received over the last few months;

Beautiful Pink Parcel Treats

Ciate Nail Varnish, Vita Coco coconut oil, Ombar Chocolate, silver jewellery, infused tea and posh coffee, mascara and my new FAVOURITE liquid eyeliner pen, blemish removers, liquid lipstick and highlighters…the list goes on. What I really love is that there is a massive drive on organic, free range or gluten free food products which is perfect for those that are conscious about what they consume.

Sounds great, right?!

Each box also comes with a handy guide to all of the products; I always find myself flicking through these to learn more, especially as some of them are from independent brands. What a great way to help small businesses grow (and so I can find out where to stock up on any extra goodies if they aren’t in the Pink Parcel shop!) 


Back last year they’d also send cute postcards, like this one that has pride of place on my fridge. Sadly, these cute keepsakes have stopped but in their place you may receive a £25 Everdine voucher or money off offers from the brands in that months box. Or cute little flyers like this which actually made me lol when I opened it


I must say, receiving these boxes certainly do brighten up a gloomy day; I now have some new favourite products to use (and eat 🙊) and more tampons than I know what to do with..!

That’s gotta cost you a bit, right?


Your first box is only £6.99! After that, they creep up a little to £10.50, including postage. When you consider how much sanitary products cost each month, plus what you might spend on a little treat for yourself, this subscription box is SO worth it!!

Here’s a peek at the box I received yesterday…the rosewater face mist is amazing and I am SO looking forward to tucking into those biscuits! 

This month

Are you already signed up to Pink Parcel? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Or would you recommend any others? I’ve been a loyal subscriber to Graze since my teens, and I’m loving the new snacks they have introduced!

*This blog is in no way affiliated with Pink Parcel, it’s not an advert and I haven’t been asked to write this review*

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