30 things before I’m 30

Goal setting is so important, don’t you think? It keeps you focussed, keeps you on track and gives you something to aim for.

This isn’t just specific to training either. Setting yourself personal goals is a great way to practice self care, too.

How do you feel when you complete a task? Get to the bottom of the washing and ironing pile (almost) or hit your monthly targets? The sense of achievement makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? You feel proud of yourself.

It’s glorious

Too often, we do things for others without enough thought to our own wants, needs and passions. I am a MASSIVE culprit of this. I always put others first.

Time to do something for me, right? 

Hence my 30 before 30 list.

I know I’m not the only one to have a list, and many people wouldn’t even give it a second thought, but I found just creating this list got me excited for the next 2.5 years… Bring it on!

Do some of my ideas inspire you? Could you add a few things to your “xxx before xxx” list? Let me know!! 

Places to visit

The US and Canada

These have been on my list for a long time and glad to say these are booked! Sightseeing and bagel eating in New York will commence October 2017 and snowy adventures in Toronto in February 2018!


Ok so I have had family living over there since before I came along!! I guess the expense has alway put me off! Or the savings had to be spent on bloody car repairs


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m the least Italian girl, ever. I haven’t even visited the birthplace of my beloved Nonna and Nonna. Perhaps one of the two destinations for our annual girls trip, ladies..?


It’s just such a beautiful place! Summer picnics or Christmas markets, it’s stunning all year round. I love a good wander around museums, galleries and the such and Prague has them in abundance.

Skills to learn

Learn Italian 

To reiterate the point above… I used to be able to speak it. My dad even has video footage of me praying in Italian as a 4 year old. Those days are long gone. But I’m slowly starting to teach myself via the app Memrise (which is great btw) – I feel I owe my grandparents that much!

Become a yoga instructor 

Ok so this is a little harder and is another skill I am learning from scratch! A few months back, I won a subscription to Omstars and I’ve been using it to teach myself yoga theory and better my own practices. A few birthdays ago, Zuz bought me the Theory of Yoga handbook which I MUST read more of!!

Master the Adobe suite

A big proportion of my job sees me designing different visuals such as blog headers, social media posts, even a bit of video, which I have grown to love doing! So much so that it has lead me to want to take this a little further and develop my creative design skills. Watch this space!



Now this is something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS!! This year, James surprised me by booking me in for one as a birthday present – I actually cried tears of joy! How did I thank him? I booked him in to jump with me of course! Off we went to Honiton on August 5th for our 7,500ft jump. Which turned into a 15,000ft jump instead! Eeeeek!

Bungee jump

In keeping with the adrenaline junkie theme, a bungee jump is also high on my list. I don’t mind where it is, I’ll probably tie it in with a holiday at some point.

Learn to Snowboard

Well I can’t go to Canada and not snowboard, can I? Plus Zuz really wants a snowboarding partner so…

Go surfing

I needed one more adrenaline junkie activity and I think I’d look pretty great in a wetsuit with surfer hair tbh.

Go on a wine tasting course

I’ve done a mini one before, but we only focused on red wine (which I don’t mind at all) but I’d like to do another on white wine – all about being well rounded!

Climb Snowdon

I’m not going to get a chance to do Kilimanjaro before I’m 30, let’s be honest! So I’ll settle for the smaller cousin, I think…

Go on a yoga retreat

Be it a long weekend or a week, I think they sound epic. What a way to enhance your practice and really get in tune with your body away from daily distractions?! There are plenty in the UK; think I’ll save India for when I’m a bit better..!

Actually sing on karaoke

So I’m the girl who knows every word to the song, yet I simply mime along as I do not wish to subject anyone to my dire singing voice. Think I’ll need to be a lil tipsy for this one and sing something like “Foundations” by Kate Nash as let’s face it, she’s practically talking..!

Sleep out under the stars

Simple as really, even if it’s just in the garden 😂 and I mean open to the elements, not in a tent…

Take a photography course

In keeping with my creative side, I’d love to be able to take great photos and know how to edit them properly. Complimented someday by my new found Adobe skills.

Paying it forward

Volunteer for a charity

More than just do a fundraiser, I’d like to actually go and help people, personally! Work in a food bank, gardening for people with reduced mobility, redecorate the drab maternity waiting area at my local hospital…

Leave a note for a stranger

Not in a weird way, more something like this. Leave something that will make another person smile, feel valued or even inspire them to achieve a goal of theirs

Professional goals

Publish a guest piece in a magazine / online blog (that I don’t work for!)

It would be a massive compliment to be asked to write a guest piece for someone, or to be featured on another blog.

Quit a job I hate – already ticked that one off!

It’s safe to say I’ve had some crap jobs in the past 😂 but there’s nothing worse than a crap job than staying in one and letting it take it’s toll on your personal life!

And there’s nothing more satisfying than handing your notice in to your smug looking manager when they initially didn’t think I’d have the balls to. What’s that Ed Sheeran song, You Need Me & I Don’t Need You?!

Give a body image talk to a school

So I did one of these at a ladies night event in January 2017 and loved it! I had a lot of positive feedback from the ladies so how awesome would it be to inspire impressionable youngsters in the same way?!

Health and Training goals

Do a muscle up

Been on my list for a while now because it looks cool. And a strict one (no kipping!) is actually pretty tricky to master. So I wanna do it!

Run a half marathon

Probably because I don’t run and would like to see how much I could actually do with some training!

Have a set self care routine that I stick to

Self care can be as big as going to a spa once a week to taking 30 minutes to read a book you’ve been dying to. I’m still working on my work / life balance to establish some set me time. Watch this space!

Be in great shape and feel comfortable in my own skin

That old chestnut I hear you cry! Well the year I turn 30 is going to be a pretty big one, so being comfortable and confident would be great!


Pay off the credit card I have already paid off once…

Ok So I may have already done this since writing this list…although I now have a loan I used to buy a car – which will be paid off when I’m 31 so it still counts…ish

Sort out my pension

Having had a few jobs in the past means I have multiple pension pots lying around. I need to consolidate them all down and maybe even start paying more into my current one.

Move into my dream home

Note that I didn’t say “buy”, just “move”. Living somewhere I love would be dreamy 😍


So there we are, my 30 before 30!

Come on, share some of your life goals with me! 

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