The Apps I love right now

How are we all? Still firmly on our New Years wagon as we enter the third month of the year?!

I am…just!!

As usual,  I have a mega busy schedule and I am trying so hard to not let it get in the way of my training and health commitments. Continue reading “The Apps I love right now”

It’s 2017 already?

It’s become somewhat of a tradition in our household to jot down yearly goals at the start of the New Year and review them the following New Years Day. We’ve found it to not only be productive, but it’s made us proactive and accountable for the things we want to achieve. I’m pleased to say I achieved 4/5 goals set for 2016, and now a new list has been set, I am already hard at work to make them happen.

So what can I tell you about 2016? Well, it was a year of reflection and self deppreciation that’s for sure! Looking back at my training, relationships and lifestyle was actually quite difficult. Continue reading “It’s 2017 already?”

You’ve gotta breathe…

The title could be used in a number of ways and could mean a number of things to different people; the first thing you thought of when you read the title probably says a great deal about your general outlook on life…

We hear versions of the above all the time in every day life and more often than not, people are referring to the pace of something; after a quick burst of energy, speaking too fast, not breathing correctly when exercising (girls, you know who you are!) or if something is simply too much, like relationship problems or burning the candle at both ends. Continue reading “You’ve gotta breathe…”

“Why haven’t you tried Crossfit?”

My answer isn’t a simple one, and may be a bit controversial, but you know how I like honesty! I’ll try and make it quick…

Why haven’t I tried Crossfit?

Well, a number of reasons really. Although the training style isn’t too dissimilar to activities we do at EBW (Olympic Lifting, Tyre Flipping and High Reps if you’re in my class 😏 ), it’s the principle behind the training. Continue reading ““Why haven’t you tried Crossfit?””

Flying with Dementia

Over the last few months, we have been deliberating over our next big spotlight piece.

Septembers news that Heathrow is set to be the Worlds first Dementia friendly airport piqued our interest…

Thus my report on Dementia in UK Airports was born… Let me know what you think!

I’m going to be totally honest…

I love to write; it’s a great channel of self expressionism, even if it is about something that may not be totally relevant to your life right now – putting your spin on another topic is a great way to see how creative you can be.

I guess that’s why these blogs haven’t been as prominent as they used to be – I have been working so hard trying to find my style in my day job, this has kinda fallen by the way side… Continue reading “I’m going to be totally honest…”

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