30 things before I’m 30

Goal setting is so important, don’t you think? It keeps you focussed, keeps you on track and gives you something to aim for.

This isn’t just specific to training either. Setting yourself personal goals is a great way to practice self care, too. Continue reading “30 things before I’m 30”

My Monthly Pick-Me-Up

You know what? Sometimes, being female sucks. Aside from the pressure to look, eat, train, breathe and sleep a certain way, we have the added joy of fluctuating hormones, painful cramping and monthly inconveniences to deal with.

You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a post all about periods, not directly anyway..! Instead it’s something a little different this week; a review post!

Continue reading “My Monthly Pick-Me-Up”

8 thoughts I had before brunch…

Picture the scene; you’re getting ready to see 2 friends for brunch on one of the hottest Sundays of the year so far. You know that afterwards you’ll be doing a spot of sunbathing (us Brits jump on that band wagon at the spot of sunshine!) so you need to dress appropriately…

I thought I’d share the things that went through my mind before I left my flat on that deliciously hot morning… Continue reading “8 thoughts I had before brunch…”

Three steps to a healthier mind; looking after your mental health

Mental Health – those two words can stir up quite a mix of emotion for some people. Some find it awkward, some find it easy to talk about and some find it so personal, it needn’t be discussed.

Isn’t that the the biggest problem?

Your mental health refers to your personal well being; how you look after your mind and body, how you see and treat yourself, and how you let those feelings and values dictate your everyday being. Continue reading “Three steps to a healthier mind; looking after your mental health”

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