Mental Health and Me

As you know, I am also a blogger for work! My pieces cover mainly travel related topics; which destinations you should be checking out, how to travel with just your hand luggage and even how destination weddings can save you money! Continue reading “Mental Health and Me”

Flying with Diabetes

In my day job, I write a lot about travel and it’s fair to say that a lot of my time and effort goes into these blogs and articles.

I have covered everything you can think of; how to travel with just your hand luggage, what it’s like travelling with Diabetes, tips for female solo travellers and even the best road trips around the world.

I can’t add the content to this blog, but if you’re interested, check out my snippets with links to the real blogs!

First up, my piece on travelling through UK Airports for those with Diabetes, based on customer research.

To stay or to go?

Following the referendum decision last month, plenty of people are now worried about the cost of their holidays increasing as the the value of the pound drops.

Thankfully, there is this a neat little thing called a staycation – holidaying in the UK by visiting one of the hundreds of beauty spots our little island has to offer.

Have a read of the top 10 places to staycation to in the UK 🙂  – let me know if you’ve been to any and what your experience was like!


Exam stress getting you down?

Whether you’ve just finished your exams, will be next year or know anyone that is, you may be all too familiar with the overwhelming desire to just get them out of the way!

It’s become somewhat of a rite of passage to go off on an Inbetweeners style post exam blowout, but if you don’t fancy the Malias, Magalufs and Ibizas of the world, I have pulled together some of the alternative options that await!

Flying Solo

Thinking of heading off on a solo adventure? Here I have highlighted some top tips on how to stay safe traveling alone – although it focuses on Female solo travel, the same can be said for gents, too!

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